African American women are credited with handing Doug Jones his historic victory in the Alabama Senate race. We spoke to some of them about why voting matters to them.
The global Muslim population is relatively young with a high fertility rate.
Small is beautiful in economies where people matter. Local entrepreneurship is growing to foster more sustainable lifestyles
In the end, the increase in celebrity deaths cloaks some very good news. One is that we've reduced infant mortality rates significantly so that more and more people are living long enough to contract diseases of old age.
The confusion is warranted. After all, the U.S. Census Bureau does not ask people about their immigration status, so how can we know much about the unauthorized foreign-born population?
Few management theories have had as much influence on the business community and our society as the concept of disruption
That's what I've noticed more than anything, especially in this past month. This has quickly become a referendum not merely
Expanding Social Security, while requiring the wealthiest to pay more -- indeed, their fair share -- is a solution to the nation's perilous and rising income and wealth inequality. Expanding Social Security is a solution to the financial squeeze on working families.
But Pete persisted, unconcerned with Supreme Court precedence or the cruelty of the initiative and now, Governor Wilson is
Those inside Pulse felt that sense of community on the dance floor and at the bar. And when a madman tried to take that all away, he created a greater sense of community that comes from a shared grief. There is a there there in the hearts and tears of Orlando.
Boosting seniors' economic contribution is no simple task, but one from which younger generations -- and seniors themselves -- will greatly benefit. The first step, as I explain below, is to harness senior power.
While work to increase racial diversity in dance is of clear value, concurrent action is needed to address workforce demographics
The 2016 Presidential primaries are winding down, and the crucial national strategic issue of the growing population of people over age 85 hasn't yet received much attention.
And do they really want to toss aside potential female viewers? After all, every survey I can find about genealogy concludes
Now it is 52 years later. Our poverty level back in 1964 was one in five families. Our poverty level today is one in five
Among the most startling experiences I have had with race is seeing other Asian Americans. I mean being around a critical
The reality: Hawaii is--wait for it--the least white state (at about one-quarter of the population) in the union. Half of all Hawaiians are Asian American, and over 10 percent are Native. Alaska, where one-third of the people are Native, is the sixth least white state, while Washington is about average in terms of percentage, and ranks 23rd out of 50 on that front.
From both hostile and friendly leaders, immigration is often characterized as a source of class conflict, political tension, and social disruption. Yet, it is also true that immigrants can help solve 21st century elder caregiving needs; and caregiving needs can help solve the immigration crisis.