A new book documents and debunks the long history -- and disturbing return -- of pseudoscientific beliefs about race.
Laura Ingraham’s rhetoric is extreme, but the belief that racism is normal, expected and understandable is quite common.
People significantly overestimate the number of African-Americans benefiting from the largest programs.
The heaviest health burden seems to fall on Latinos who have darker skin or identify as black.
The U.S. took in Asian refugees after the Vietnam War, only to put many on a deportation path. A record number could be fed into this system in 2018.
For years, advocates have called victims of domestic violence part of the country’s “hidden homeless.” But now, for the first
The former president saw especially broad positive shifts on immigration and the culture of Washington.
A new report uses misleading data to link immigrants with gender-based crimes.
Their efforts to hollow out the American economy reveal a deep, unrelenting disdain for this nation.
In response to the Saturday, Aug. 12 happenings in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a woman was killed by a driver while
Forget for a brief moment Trump’s vile, unabashed racist “shithole nations” slur of Haiti and African nations. This was simply
Fellow commentator Keith Boykin fired back at Carrie Sheffield for perpetuating the model minority myth.