The action is considered a key step to resuming the search for victims as rescuers possibly gain access to new areas of the rubble.
President Donald Trump’s last Atlantic City casino is no more.
He thought he had lined up the perfect shot of the Georgia Dome implosion. But the world’s unluckiest cameraman hadn’t counted on his plans being ruined by a pesky bus.
When a loved one dies the normal dynamic is that the friends and family left behind go through a grieving process, each in
Generally, suitable words cease to exist in the midst of a tragedy. While the horrific terrorism in Brussels is no exception to this, actor Jake Gyllenhaal managed to express a heartfelt sentiment while on the press tour for his new film.
And that blunt one-word title, Demolition? Well it's obvious who is the wreck here. And we do get to see lots of stuff come
I may sound like I'm gushing when I write that meeting the wise, striking Dev Patel and listening to a talk with the handsome, funny Jake Gyllenhaal were the highlights of this year's Dubai International Film Festival for me. And make no mistake, I am.
Holy smokes! We've all seen flimsy rope bridges collapsing in movies, but how about a heavy-duty steel road bridge? Just