And it is a serious matter. But the findings in the Purdue study are also consistent with a developing body of research on
Similar turf issues bother Charlie Berg of San Diego. "When you fly in coach," he grouches, "why is it always the person
Today it is estimated that there are over 100 Vatican-sanctioned American exorcists.
Preliminary investigations of debated and controversial phenomena led me to the Twitter profile of Dr. Lynne Campbell, a Toronto-based demonologist and author, who agreed to answer questions as part of my book research.
Unrestrained by the moderates of either ruling party of Gerasa, Mr. Legion has announced (howled, really) that he will run for president of the country, declaring that its dysfunctional government must be replaced by his Lunatic Fringe if it is to accomplish what the people really want.
No one believes that zombies actually exist. But our fascination with them points to the latest recurrence of the very same archetype that for earlier generations was communicated in explicitly religious language.
The dreams of Born-Again Christians do provide accurate reflections of their religious beliefs and concerns. This adds new empirical support to the classic anthropological idea mentioned at the outset that dreaming can be studied as a valuable source of insight into cultural and social dynamics.
Preceding cinema by almost 100 years and serving as some of the earliest form of stage magic, the phantasmagoria shows set out to not only bewilder audiences, but to terrify them -- and in big style.
These three paintings of goddesses posing in all of their majesty and grace, appear very different than the women worshipped in today's magazines and advertisements.
A spirit is a supernatural being or essence, seen in some religions as existing separately from the supreme being, or God
that you're capable of putting in perspective how the negative, even toxic people in your life affect your overall wellbeing and happiness.
Come back next time and we'll tackle that thorny monster! Here's to it! There's a big difference between the two. How your
H/T Queerty, Right Wing Watch Holy Fire Ministries founder Bert Farias penned an eyebrow-raising piece about the lesbian
But as humans why do we think so little of ourselves? Why do achieving great things threaten us? We were all created to follow