Demonstration political

Fierce Putin critic Alexei Navalny’s wife was among those detained by police.
Some 25,000 National Guard troops from around the country were due in the District of Columbia in the coming days.
A sergeant has been placed on administrative leave after the leak this week of the footage captured during Boston demonstrations in June.
At least 800 demonstrations were scheduled to take place Saturday as part of a national protest movement aimed at supporting the U.S. Postal Service.
European Union leaders held an emergency summit Wednesday on the country’s contested presidential election and fierce crackdown on demonstrators.
Thousands of protesters had initially gathered peacefully in a show of solidarity with fellow demonstrators in Portland, Oregon.
The demonstrators face felony charges for trying to "intimidate" the prosecutor, police said.
Participants in Rome listened to speeches and held up handmade placards saying “Black Lives Matter” and “It’s a White Problem.”
The shop owner said the ice cream is flavored with black peppercorns to mimic the throat-irritating effects of tear gas.
Authorities are seeking to prevent a revival of last year’s massive anti-government demonstrations.
Demonstrators protested against the country's initial denial that it shot down a Ukrainian plane.
I never imagined myself in this situation, but somehow what we were doing felt right.
Police arrested hundreds of people on New Year’s Day in Hong Kong as hundreds of thousands protested as part of a months-long pro-democracy movement.
Delhi police fired tear gas and beat demonstrators on the third day of what had been peaceful protests against the new law granting citizenship based on religion.
Beirut was rocked by the most violent government crackdown on protesters since nationwide demonstrations began two months ago.
Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators crammed into Hong Kong's streets in a mass show of support.
New videos purport to show the demonstrations over gasoline prices rising and the security-force crackdown that followed.
The group Extinction Rebellion said the protests Monday were taking place in 60 cities worldwide in countries including Turkey, Canada, South Africa and Mexico.
Police arrested at least 13 people at the Saturday rally.
A citywide strike and demonstrations in seven districts in Hong Kong have been called for Monday afternoon.