The focus of the political revolution, though, is confronting the economic hardships experienced by millions of Americans
When you're not working your skills, you're promoting your demos. When you're not promoting your demos and auditioning, you're doing something to keep your skills sharp. This is your job if you intend to become a professional talent.
Matt Bruenig raised more than double his goal in just a few hours.
Zoltan Istvan speaking with Fusion Editor-in-Chief Alexis Mardrigal at Transhumanist Party rally -- Photo by Lisa Memmel
The people who hit the streets, on the first of May in Italy, wanted to celebrate the day of labor in the major cities. Also, to express their worries about the lack of work and the unemployment (which is now 43 percent among young people). Their credo: more work for everybody, less work per person.
It hasn't always been this way. Back in 1950, CEOs took home about 20 times as much money as their average workers. Take
According to the prevailing story, debt is caused by lavish and irresponsible spending by poor and middle-class families. But like much "conventional wisdom," an increasing amount of evidence belies this point.
WASHINGTON -- A growing number of House Republicans agree with their Democratic colleagues that the federal government needs
Low-wage U.S. restaurant and retail workers are calling for a rough doubling of pay to $15 per hour and the right to unionize
Our tax dollars are subsidizing both the fast-food workers who need the help and the companies' CEOs who don't.
The CEO-to-worker pay ratio at YUM! is just one example of the yawning income inequality found throughout the fast food industry
Politicians manipulate deep prejudice to rouse hostility against minorities and the government, according to Haney L贸pez, and summon support for policies that make economic inequality even worse.
What do Cadillac-driving "welfare queens," a "food stamp president" and the "lazy, dependent and entitled" 47 percent tell us about post-racial America?
If anyone still suspects that National Public Radio has a consistently liberal bias, listen to Robert Siegel's interview with Brigid Flaherty, organizing director for the Alliance for a Greater New York, a labor advocacy group, on Wednesday's All Things Considered.
The conventional wisdom in D.C. is that Social Security is a threat to the deficit and needs cutting. But, as J.K. Galbraith wrote of conventional wisdom, "The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking."