Denis Johnson

His collection of linked short stories, set in a gritty realm of drug addiction, violence and casual destruction, became an instant classic.
Ranging from the first to third person, and even the rarely pulled off properly second person perspective, Harper has emphatically declared his intent of keeping the short story alive in America.
In his compact but profound prose, Johnson digs into the corruption found in the hearts of men, but a dismissive treatment
Rejected Covers is an ongoing series for which artists reveal their inspirations and unused design ideas for popular titles
I've recently been rereading some novels especially meaningful to me, some for a second time, some for a third, trying to figure out why they resonate. For a writer, it's important work.
Jerry is one of those rare writers who goes between Hollywood screenplays and novels. He writes dark subversive stories and he somehow continues to get away with it.
This is something of a belated "best of year" list, although there are some older titles I only got to last year included. An eclectic list, modestly offered -- a bit heavy on books on music, but many others, and perhaps something will strike the interest of other readers.
Languishing on a beach chair in my winter outpost by a turquoise sea, I have only books on my mind. Here are a few that have pleased and provoked.
I've found books as gifts (or bonus gifts) to cost relatively little and provide long lasting enjoyment and appreciation. They give you something to talk about.