denis o'hare

If only we could pull off towering shoes like this!
The creators behind American Horror Story: Hotel should go back and do their homework. Scratch that: They should be given an F and expelled from Scary School.
He went on to contrast his character, Stanley, with that of closeted Dell the Strong Man (played Michael Chiklis) as two
“What I love about 'American Horror Story' it’s never just a gag (pardon the pun), there’s more to it,” O'Hare, who is openly
Previous seasons of Ryan Murphy's horror anthology have utilized everything from ghosts to aliens to witchcraft to scare
Taylor Kitsch breaks away from his "Friday Night Lights" and action film characters in "The Normal Heart" to play Bruce Niles
O'Hare tells Homer's story in the guise of "The Poet" - a kind of Homeric everyman, who was present during the fall of Troy
Having squandered most of this century's first decade being a movie star, Matthew McConaughey has approached its second stanza as an actor. The results have been salutary.
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