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The actor tells HuffPost he's been given the opportunity to decide.
Two out five ain’t bad! 1. France didn’t blow it in their presidential election on Sunday, voting in centrist Emmanuel Macron
Two of the most powerful performances in movies this year have perhaps the least dialogue: Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant and Benicio del in Sicario.
Currently, we're experiencing a small wave of drug cartel-centric entertainment: Netflix's popular original series, Narcos; Don Winslow's best-selling crime novel The Cartel; and now director Denis Villeneuve's taut, brutal Sicario.
The drug trafficking drama was largely inspired by a scene from "Seven Samurai."
By the time I got home from the Sicario premiere at MoMA this week, the film's star Emily Blunt was trading puke takes with Stephen Colbert on his Late Night Show
Jason Bateman makes his directing debut with Bad Words, the rudest comedy about an adult dealing with kids since Bad Santa.
So the first time you saw it, were you as shocked by the final scene as a regular viewer? I knew the ending, I mean, I knew
"I'm a sports nut," explained Hugh Jackman, joyful that his son decided to join the school soccer team. The actor and song
I saw "Enemy" while I was in Toronto for the festival, it makes much more sense now that I know that. [Laughs] Yes, this
Denis Villeneuve had two films at this year's Toronto Film Festival. The better one was called Enemy. The one that's getting the big studio release this week is called Prisoners.
Prisoners is an extraordinarily well-made popcorn movie. Like most thrillers, this one doesn't provoke us to take things so personally; that's why thrillers make for great escapism.
At the Toronto Film Festival 2013 it's all about the biggies: studio blockbusters sit lined up like rockets on launching pads, positioned for awards season. Most prominent, perhaps, is Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity.
With Enough Said, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, one of TV's funniest women ever, has finally been given a perfect film vehicle.