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Getting to know yourself better, deeper, and more intimately has fallen under all kinds of labels from meditation to masturbation, from navel gazing to spiritual grazing. The truth is, some people embrace self-examination while others are forced to confront themselves in a mirror.
My original attempt at screenwriting all involved "high concept" ideas. This second time around, I stuck to my strength -- I
See Farina in action below. Dennis Farina will appear posthumously on "Family Guy." The late actor is one of the celebrity
Actor Dennis Farina was battling lung cancer at the time of his death, his doctor confirmed Tuesday.
“He thought all he had to do to have a career as an actor was to be known as ‘Dennis, the dream to work with,’" "Thief" director
"What are they shooting?" I ask, breathing hard. "Law and Order," she replies. She's not happy to see me, and who can blame her? My t-shirt is ragged, I haven't yet shaved and I probably haven't brushed my teeth, either.
Dennis Farina has reportedly died at the age of 69, according to the Associated Press.
Dennis Farina, best known to TV audiences for his work on "Law & Order," has died. Farina started his TV career by playing
Lori De Waal, his representative, says Farina died Monday morning in a Scottsdale, Ariz., hospital after suffering a blood
My career as a writer leads me to the conclusion that three "L" words make life worth living: Linguine, literature and laughter. In this video you'll see how to make a good red sauce for linguine, while hearing crazy stories about literature.
It would be way too easy to use the word "lucky" in describing how British actor Tom Payne was cast in the new HBO hit series Luck. And yet that's how he talks about it.
The heart-to-hearts between Ace and Gus seem to be the emotional core of the show thus far, as is their unlikely friendship
It's a soulful and moving performance, one that makes the film worth watching. Maggio's story and plotting can be predictable
Dennis Farina. You have to love him. You can't help yourself. Farina's latest leading role as Joe May in The Last Rites of Joe May puts us under a new kind of mesmerizing spell.
The story of Gene Hackman, who quietly turned eighty just two months ago, is one of raw will and talent overcoming a host of limitations that would have defeated most people.