dennis hastert indicted

The true example of a "super-predator" appears to have been Hastert, a man who prosecutors say molested at least 4 boys, including a 14-year-old and one man was so damaged from this sexual assault he committed suicide.
This is not the first time Republicans have found themselves at a place where a Speaker of the House decided to resign because of intra-party fighting.
A plea deal would avert a trial and help keep any potentially embarrassing secrets quiet.
Hastert pleaded not guilty on all counts to lying to the FBI and attempting to evade federal banking rules in order to cover
Hastert made his first federal court appearance on Tuesday facing charges he paid hush money to a former student from his days as a Yorkville High School teacher and wrestling coach to cover up misconduct.
“The defendant is not a personal friend of my brother,” Durkin said. More than 120 reporters and members of the public lined
The Huffington Post reported Tuesday that Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.) was informed about claims of abuse early in Hastert's speakership
Watt’s measured reaction stood in contrast to his own Republican challenger at the time, who was calling for Hastert's resignation
Enter your email address: “Over 15 years ago I heard an unseemly rumor from someone who, contrary to what has been reported
Frank noted that Hastert, along with Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston, have all faced sexual misconduct allegations or allegations
Among those things is the identity of the person who allegedly received Hastert's hush money. The indictment identifies the
The indictment said the funds were paid for "prior misconduct." It did not include details of the misconduct, but law enforcement
John was one of those people. He and Hastert were both Wheaton graduates and former college wrestlers. They met around 1992
On Thursday, the Department of Justice announced Hastert's indictment surrounding his $3.5 million in payments to keep an
This article has been updated to include Peter Djinis' comments. The indictment suggests that law enforcement officials relied
A House Ethics Committee investigation ultimately concluded that Hastert was "willfully ignorant" in handling the revelations