Dennis Rodman

The alleged assault occurred while Rodman was celebrating his 58th birthday in Delray Beach, Florida.
In 2014, Donald Trump called Dennis Rodman 'crazy' for suggesting a trip to North Korea.
The former NBA star, who referred to Kim Jong Un as a "good friend," said the White House called him to thank him for his support.
President Donald Trump did not invite the former NBA star to his meeting with Kim Jong Un.
But the ex-NBA star says it's just for Donald Trump's ears.
The mysterious trip comes at low point in U.S.-Pyongyang relations.
"To me, Kim is just a normal guy," he told an alternative diplomacy panel at the military academy.
Don't worry. Donald has lots of prominent Americans, representing a broad and diverse spectrum of America, who've endorsed him and can be expected to campaign for him. Here's just a few of those who are likely to stump for Trump. With these folks in his corner, how can he lose?
Carl Jung said it is from a stew of unconscious impulses that our most ancient and ubiquitous mythic archetypes emerge: Gods and monsters without boundaries who yo-yo thru genres often comical.