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With his considerable influence on Middle East issues, Ross knows that his comments affect the attitudes of large numbers of people, especially in the critically important Jewish community.
Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) was reelected to Congress Tuesday from Florida's 15th District Tuesday, defeating Democrat Alan
Ross' statement said: Ross' bill would instruct the Federal Aviation Administration to "ban the arrival of any commercial
Rep. Dennis Ross, who’s writing a bill to ban air travel from West Africa to US, had no idea that there weren’t direct flights to the U.S.
Watch the video above from ThinkProgress, and head over to their site for more. "I think it would do more harm to our economy
Last year I had the opportunity to speak with former Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama White House officials about the history of efforts at diplomacy with the Iranian regime.
But many of his colleagues, particularly in the House GOP's right flank, have refused to back down. Comments made by Rep
Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) said Friday that Republicans have "lost" the battle over attaching Obamacare-related provisions
Just in time for President Obama's long-awaited trip to Israel, perennial Israeli-Palestinian policy strategist Dennis Ross has published his 14-point plan to achieve Middle East peace.
Dennis Ross, until recently U.S. President Barack Obama's senior Middle East adviser, believes international sanctions against