Denver Impact

Across Denver, more than 160 students are meeting in collaborative groups, making plans to answer one of these big questions and do it better than their peers from rival high schools.
A common view of science is that it's a cold, unemotional, and fact-driven career. The truth is that many scientists and engineers are driven by a deep and insatiable thirst for discovery and knowledge.
Having spent some time with the young people involved in the Aspen Challenge in Denver recently, I am inspired and hopeful about the future of the arts, and indeed, the future of our country.
"What if we had one day where we just tried to be nice to each other? One day when we just set aside our rivalries, the bullying
"I couldn't help myself," said Scott Cromer, direct of outreach at Lifeline Puppy Rescue, who is also responsible for the
The ubiquitous chamber of commerce populates America's business topography comparable to apple pie, baseball and midsummer
Nearly one year after the Aurora shooting, the parents of one of the 12 who were killed during the midnight screening of
In addition to Buster, Lifeline has taken in 30 new puppies who are all ready for adoption. Click here if you want to donate
Happy Friday! Lifeline Puppy Rescue has a whole new litter of cuddly puppies who are looking for their forever homes this
Happy Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month! It's time to go to your local animal adoption shelter and give a cat a home. To sweeten