We asked dermatologists whether the aluminum found in traditional antiperspirant is really THAT bad for us.
This is the latest in a string of female empowerment-themed Secret ads.
Contrary to popular belief, no study has ever been conducted on the question: Does deodorant cause cancer? How then, has
'Tis the season of constant pit stains, funky smells, and that horrible feeling of arriving at work drenched in a layer of sweat before nearly catching a cold in your over-air-conditioned office. To tackle the summer sweats, we tracked down professional perspirers -- four trainers and one founder of an activewear line -- who revealed their go-to deodorants.
You're the smartest. You can balance a million little things while still looking fabulous and smelling fresh. And you know you should be (well, now you do). But did you know you can wear deodorant in other places, too?
Or just wear deodorant anyway. It's generally a good idea.
Amber Rose's Nude GQ Photo Shoot (Getty Images) You always get sweat stains at the worst possible moment. Bottom line: It
Should You Try It?: This is another situation where a very good girlfriend of mine absolutely swears by this deodorant, so
The struggle can get beyond real when -- just as you’re dashing out the door to go to work or running late to meet up with
Even on those days when we can't be bothered to do our hair and makeup, we would never, ever leave the house without deodorant
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A few drops of tea tree oil or other essential oil  PHOTOGRAPH BY MAREKULIASZ/GETTY 6 parts organic corn starch or arrowroot