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As the coronavirus rages through prisons, staffers are also exposed, anxious and overworked.
Jack Greene is guilty of two horrific murders. Jack Greene is also very sick. On Nov. 9, barring a stay, Jack Greene will
The inmates began the three-hour standoff after snatching keys from a correctional officer.
Three men escaped from a California jail and caught it all on tape with a contraband cell phone.
“If he didn’t have any help, I don’t know what would have happened to him."
The inmates disarmed and fatally shot two officers, police said.
The latest available federal data showed that prison suicides were on the rise in 2014.
The fees are designed to discourage inmates from seeking care, which could have dangerous consequences.
An in-depth look at the inmates the state is rushing to put to death.
He was later arrested for filing a false report.