Department of Health

When neighborhoods change, it doesn’t just affect long-term residents’ housing options. It might be making them sick.
The cuts come at a time when many rural hospitals already are struggling to keep their doors open. By Michael Ollove   A
The president's cuts to advertising, consumer assistance and outreach make it necessary, a former health official says.
Video of the incident in St. Louis prompted calls for immediate reforms.
Traces of Naegleria fowleri was found during routine testing in two water systems.
The personal health data of 30 million Americans has been compromised since 2009.
The health secretary nominee belonged to a physicians group that opposes current vaccine policy.
Orlando is a wake-up call, an opportunity to say "never again," not only to obvious acts of violence like the Pulse Nightclub massacre, but to the more subtle but equally lethal acts of violence fueled by every day, systemic hate.
Dogs make families whole. People with standard dog allergies are at low risk. Most people who are allergic to dogs are actually
Dr. García, now that you're taking the lead at the Department of Health, we hope that you will prioritize this home visiting work so that the funds your department worked so hard to win aren't lost. Thank you for your attention to this issue.
Michael Marchand, spokesman for Washington's Health Benefit Exchange, said the state's online marketplace had conducted frequent
The sparkle of a "hearing" is as flat as an hours old open can of seltzer.
This is why I think it can work. The only real disadvantage that I foresee is that garbage truck exhaust will start to smell
For 25 years, 81-year-old Providence Lamultt, known around the neighborhood affectionately as "Gramma", has been selling