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But conservatives didn't go down without a fight. Congress took DHS to the brink of a shutdown last Friday, when the Senate
On Friday evening, senators from both parties urged House Republicans to throw in the towel. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said
House Republicans inched closer to embracing a stopgap measure to prevent a Department of Homeland Security shutdown on Thursday, a day before the agency runs out of money.
House members leaving the meeting expressed disappointment in Senate Republicans, who on Wednesday reached a deal with Democrats
Cruz voted Wednesday in favor of moving forward to the bill, while Sessions joined Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) in opposing
Meanwhile, it remains unclear what the House will do. Boehner refused repeatedly at a press conference on Thursday to answer
They've called for the Senate to change its rules to pass a bill that Democrats oppose, and have said lawmakers should be
"The Speaker has been clear: the House has acted, and now Senate Democrats need to stop hiding. Will they continue to block
Republicans floated other ideas for averting a shutdown as well. There could be a short-term continuing resolution to keep
WASHINGTON -- The Department of Justice officially filed on Monday an appeal and a request for a stay of a judge's recent
"The goal here isn't to force a veto," said Conant in a follow-up email. "It's to pass a bill that funds DHS without implementing
Republicans and Democrats are playing politics with U.S. national security. Senate Democrats may be blocking debate right now, but it was the House Republican caucus that passed an appropriations bill for the Homeland Security Department knowing full well that Democrats would refuse to support it.
"We are doing exactly what the Democrats want us to do," the operative said. "If you sat back and you were at the DNC or
Democratic leaders said Tuesday that they remain committed to a "clean" funding bill for DHS, one without immigration measures
Read the full letter below: Homeland Security Funding Letter Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson had addressed the mayors
"I don't think anyone wants to shut down the Department of Homeland Security," Boehner said. "What we want to do is we want
"In other words, it's not the end of the world if we get to that time because the national security functions will not stop
"As a federal district judge, he does have the power to slow the process down, but he's not going to be the final arbiter
"The clock to February 27 is ticking," he said in a speech at the Wilson Center in Washington. "In these times, the Homeland
"That is, in my judgment, a very bad idea for Homeland Security, because during that period of the CR we do not engage in