department of homeland security shutdown

Partisanship, extremism and obstructionism from the right in Israel or America that seeks to destroy our diplomacy only divides our alliance, endangers our security and damages America, Israel and the democratic world.
When a reporter pointed out that Cruz himself did not take advantage of an opportunity in last week's battle to delay funding
On Sunday, Boehner blamed President Barack Obama, not his caucus, for behaving irresponsibly. Some Republicans refused to
My quixotic attempt to challenge the re-election of "unopposed" Jeff Sessions in 2014 failed. I was not even allowed on the Alabama ballot. But now Sessions has some real competition -- from the Senate's far right caucus.
On Friday evening, senators from both parties urged House Republicans to throw in the towel. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said
House Republicans inched closer to embracing a stopgap measure to prevent a Department of Homeland Security shutdown on Thursday, a day before the agency runs out of money.
House members leaving the meeting expressed disappointment in Senate Republicans, who on Wednesday reached a deal with Democrats
Cruz voted Wednesday in favor of moving forward to the bill, while Sessions joined Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) in opposing
Meanwhile, it remains unclear what the House will do. Boehner refused repeatedly at a press conference on Thursday to answer
The Republican majority's Homeland Security shutdown is a staggering display of legislative incompetence, which could have concrete and severe impacts for New York City and its surrounding areas.
They've called for the Senate to change its rules to pass a bill that Democrats oppose, and have said lawmakers should be
As the Congressional and legal battles play out, Obama encouraged advocates to continue to get out the word about DAPA and
If that happens, however, don't expect ads like the Cleland one to return. The operative behind the spot said it simply wouldn't
"The Speaker has been clear: the House has acted, and now Senate Democrats need to stop hiding. Will they continue to block
Republicans floated other ideas for averting a shutdown as well. There could be a short-term continuing resolution to keep
On Monday night, Senate Democrats blocked -- for the fourth time -- a House-passed DHS funding bill that included provisions
"The goal here isn't to force a veto," said Conant in a follow-up email. "It's to pass a bill that funds DHS without implementing
"Our message to them, and we've asked them to take this back: Our bill is our bill," Fleming told reporters. "This is what
Democratic leaders said Tuesday that they remain committed to a "clean" funding bill for DHS, one without immigration measures
WASHINGTON -- The Senate failed a third time on Thursday to move forward with a House-passed bill that would fund the Department