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The Lone Star State wants it cars to be autonomous, too.
Turns out those bad ID pictures are no accident.
A gender non-conforming teen in South Carolina just settled a lawsuit with the DMV after the department said boys couldn’t wear makeup in their drivers license photos.
Assuming you're not going to challenge the ticket in court, the damage has been done and your insurance rates will likely climb -- what can you do to lower your premium? Here are a few tips
The Republican-controlled Kansas House of Representatives voted Tuesday to pass legislation requiring proof of citizenship
The article reported that Abbott has six months to issue an opinion on the new law. Pickett said it would be tough for enforcement
Watch an interview with Jones below: The police report referred to Jones as a man, The Advocate notes: "Mr. Jones continued
Though the Lambert-Jolleys came armed with the standard documents, including a marriage license from Connecticut and updated
SCV specialty plates are available in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland
Ola's Driving School in Denver was shut down Tuesday by the Colorado Department of Revenue, according to the Denver Post
Some business experts believe that it's good to make customers wait. A line means that your service is in high demand and we feel special when we actually get in!
Ever wonder why, with all those "red light cameras" installed across the nation, no city involved in using them has reported any big decrease in accidents or even any significant income gain?
News came this week that the "black boxes" in Toyota and Lexus cars and trucks, are showing overwhelmingly that the vehicles involved in "unintended acceleration" accidents were wrecked because drivers were stepping on the gas pedal, not the brake.
18 people die every day, due to the lack of organs available for transplant. Every 11 minutes, a new name is added to the national list. Making one's organs available postmortem just makes sense.