depression and anxiety

There are a lot of myths around what it's like to have both mental health conditions at the same time. Let's clear some of those up.
The comedians talk about mental health and how it influences their performance in a new documentary.
Living with both mental health conditions is not uncommon ― but it is treatable.
To be a black woman in the world is to hold, somewhere deep in the pit of your stomach, a sense of fear.
Many of my friends who battle anxiety say the first few weeks of autumn are especially difficult for them.
The thought of a lifetime of bathtimes and bedtimes, figuring out what to serve for dinner and coordinating playdates, seemed unbearably oppressive, like jumping into the pool wearing a backpack. Some Saturdays mid-morning, I would look at my watch and think, "How am I ever going to make it to bedtime?"
A decreased libido is a common side effect for women taking antidepressants, but a new study may have found a solution: exercise