derek chauvin

Minneapolis is on edge as a verdict in the high-profile trial regarding George Floyd's death inches closer.
The defense rested without calling Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering George Floyd, to testify.
The expert, Dr. David Fowler, also acknowledged that it did not appear anyone ever measured George Floyd’s blood for carbon monoxide.
Barry Brodd, a use-of-force consultant, also denied that officer Derek Chauvin's knee was ever on Floyd's neck.
Throughout the trial of Derek Chauvin, one thing that has stood out is that Chauvin’s fellow officers have testified that he used excessive force against George Floyd.
Prosecution witness Dr. Jonathan Rich testified in Derek Chauvin's murder trial that Floyd died as a result of asphyxia caused by police restraint.
An officer killed Daunte Wright, 20, outside Minneapolis on Sunday. Police say she likely thought she was using a stun gun rather than a firearm.
"At least you can agree this country has made a lot of progress," Alex Moffat's character said in a spoof news broadcast.
Some of the week's most stinging testimony came from a renowned pulmonologist and the chief of the Minneapolis Police Department.
Another forensic pathologist testified that there was "no evidence to suggest" that Floyd would have died if former cop Derek Chauvin hadn't kneeled on his neck.