derek chauvin

A former Minneapolis police officer has pleaded guilty to a state charge of aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.
Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison for the murder of George Floyd.
The judge overseeing the federal civil rights cases of four former Minneapolis police officers in the killing of George Floyd has accepted the terms of Derek Chauvin’s plea agreement and will sentence him to 20 to 25 years in prison.
The former Minneapolis police officer is arguing that jurors were intimidated by the protests that followed and prejudiced by heavy pretrial publicity.
The Minnesota Human Rights Department's investigation determined that the police department engages in a pattern of racial discrimination.
“This is testing America.” The trial of Derek Chauvin, who is charged in the murder and manslaughter of George Floyd, is confronting police accountablity in America.
George Floyd's family attorneys held a press conference prior to Derek Chauvin’s trial.
“There’s still so much work that needs to be done.” Former police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd, but experts say it’s just the beginning of police accountability.
Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane were charged with depriving Floyd of his right to medical care when Officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck.
“[Chauvin] was my senior officer and I trusted his advice,” former Minneapolis police officer J. Alexander Kueng testified on Wednesday.