Derek Jeter

The Monument Park marker appears alongside those dedicated to baseball greats Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter.
The former New York Yankees star is asking $14.75 million for the lakefront Tiedemann Castle.
It was a Wednesday afternoon. A crisp, fall breeze gently kissed the trees that framed the Los Angeles skyline. But I was
Jeter’s speech will not likely inspire great cinema. But Gehrig’s did.
Winning in the moments that matter most Consider the story of Lionel Messi, the Argentine pro-soccer player widely regarded
"[T]he responsible Airman will face the appropriate disciplinary action."
One of baseball's great rumors appears to be bunk. Emphasis on "appears."
Just as Derek Jeter earned the right to say goodbye on his own terms, so has Kobe Bryant. Let's all let him do that. And enjoy the rest of Kobe's hoops magic while we can.