Medical experts explain why they form, how to prevent them and how to lessen the appearance of the ones you already have.
Experts have thoughts about eye creams, hand lotions, foot creams and more.
Dermatologists break down the common missteps that are counterproductive — and even dangerous.
There’s no such thing as a facelift in a jar, but there's some over-the-counter skin care that can help.
Skin doctors break down the fads and tips that are ineffective, counterproductive and even dangerous.
Experts caution against making your medi-spa appointment just yet.
Charcoal masks, CBD skin care and jade rollers are among the overhyped products these experts think are a waste of money.
She counts Olivia Culpo and Brandi Glanville as clients, and she let us in on her own skin care secrets.
It all started two years ago when I found a strange bump on my face.
Copyright 2016 by Jerry Zezima "To cover my whole nose," I replied, "I'd need a sombrero. Or a beach umbrella." "You're a
You pick and choose which medications you want to use from your prescribed regimen. "It's important to realize that when
These are the commandments of aging gracefully.
8 Super-Easy Steps for Looking Flawless -- Fast! Mistake #2: Only using acne products when you have a breakout. If you know
For the past 40 years, which is how long I have been in journalism, I have had a nose for news. So I guess it was not surprising that the news I received recently involved my nose.
It's about time!
We asked eight of the top derms in the country to let us in on the one thing they wish their patients would stop doing when it comes to caring for their skin. And some of their answers might surprise you.