Derrick Gordon

"They act like they're religious but they're really awful people."
Senior guard Derrick Gordon will blaze a new trail, once more.
Organizations like Seton Hall, should they continue to live in an archaic time where it is okay to pretend that the world doesn't look the way it does, that the people in it are less human than others, and that some are less deserving of equality than others, will waste away into the annals of time.
2014 saw a mixture of advances and stark reminders of continued injustice. The gay journey in America proceeded on many paths in 2014. Here are highlights.
It made me reflect on a time when I felt like I was alone, the only openly gay athlete at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I was the lone gay kicker on the football team, fighting for acceptance on and off the field.
There are loads of white gay celebrities who are quite open and willing to engage in discussion. The disparity between out white and out black public figures is quite bothersome.
LIVING IT UP!!!! NIGHT WAS A BLAST!!! #Loveislove 🌈🌈🌈🌈 @wcruz73 @ItsAHardG — Derrick Gordon
"I want to be myself and be happy, but honestly my life has changed in the past two weeks tremendously in a good way," he