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The jury found Des Moines Register reporter Andrea Sahouri and her ex-boyfriend Spenser Robnett not guilty on misdemeanor charges.
Doug Jensen, a self-proclaimed QAnon follower, was part of the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol, according to federal agents.
Officials estimate about 700,000 pigs nationwide being killed each week, disposed of in landfills or composted.
A comedy duo called The Good Liars unveiled the "tiny statue for a tiny man" in Des Moines, Iowa.
The news wire said it can't call the race because of irregularities in the caucus process and the tight margin between Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.
The Democratic Party told campaigns that it would release at least 50% of all results by 5 p.m. EST.
For American Muslims, the 2020 campaign has been the first time that presidential candidates have recognized their value.
The burger-loving president expressed worry at Des Moines rally about a threat to cows he "loves," which he falsely attributed to the Green New Deal.
Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon all riffed on the debate in Des Moines, Iowa.
Tuesday's debate is the first since a U.S. airstrike killed an Iranian military commander, elevating foreign policy concerns and sparking clashes among Democrats.