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Coach Chip Kelly has come under fire, with some saying he may be gone after the season is over. After back to back 10-6 seasons, the Eagles are 4-7 without showing much sign of improvement. The problem is Chip Kelly. He is his own worst enemy.
The home invasion won't help quell rumors of a gang affiliation.
Philadelphia, at 1-3, ranks 30th in offense and 30th on third down.
If Chip Kelly is on a mission to replace his black players with white ones, he is failing spectacularly. The more likely conclusion is that the idea that racial bias from the head coach has influenced the Eagles is factually inaccurate at best, and moronically shortsighted at least.
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Mike Glennon appeared to be the man in Tampa Bay, until the Bucs signed veteran free agent Josh McCown. New head coach Lovie
Bill O'Brien, Houston Texans Mike Pettine, Cleveland Browns Jay Gruden, Washington Redskins Pettine, who was coaching high
This is bigger than DeSean Jackson or the NFL. In a nation where black youth are routinely stopped and frisked because they "fit a profile," what happens to DeSean Jackson matters.
"I feel they embraced me," Jackson told reporters during a conference call after joining Washington. "RG3, DeAngelo Hall
Without question there are racial undertones to this situation based on how Jackson was treated when compared to Cooper.
I wonder if Desean Jackson could get a good lawyer somewhere? He could see about getting the rest of his 4.8 million 'characters' back from the Eagles. Should there be a price paid for defaming and attacking a guy's reputation?
Everything the Philadelphia Eagles have done since naming Chip Kelly the head coach just over a year ago has had a perfectly logical explanation. But on the surface, cutting DeSean Jackson makes no sense.
We just made an extremely unpopular decision, but I couldn't be more excited and happy with where this organization is going
"Throughout the whole game, pretty much, he was guarding me," Jackson told the team's official website. "It was a good matchup
The rivalry makes no sense. A dramatic win for one franchise tends to signal a coming of awesomeness for the other.
Kelly and his offensive staff need to find a way to protect their players, or they might not have many left by the end of the season.
It's football season, which can only mean one thing: "The League" is back (Season 4 premieres Thurs., Oct. 11, 10:30 p.m