South Asian women need the space to celebrate our heritage.
It’s not surprising how much I identify with the character of Naz.
"There was a need for a place for people to find individuals to date within certain parameters that are both safe and private
I grew paler and thought ah, I must be fair now. I would wink at myself in the mirror as I got ready in the mornings. Now I am suitable and desirable and marriage material. And I carried on like that till college.
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As the #BlackLivesMatter movement seeks to correct injustices that should have long been consigned to history, we need to recognize that true Black liberation in America will lead to liberation everywhere.
As Americans grieve this terrorist attack that claimed the lives of nine congregants of Mother Emanuel and engage in much-needed dialogues on the legacy of the centuries of racialized violence of slavery and Jim-Crow segregation, Sikh Americans of South Asian origin must actively join the dialogue and purposefully engage with our Christian African-American brothers and sisters in solidarity.
Beyond the realm of body parts, clothing choices, and sexuality, it is questionable as to whether Bollywood actresses, including Deepika Padukone, have done much to empower women with their body of on-screen work.
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WASHINGTON: A group of Tibetan monks from India has joined the protests against racial discrimination in Ferguson, Missouri
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"Desi, The Self Made Man" (subtitle: "I Think, Therefore I Am... All That I Can Be") is an assemblage/mixed media piece constructed
When I heard rumors about Jay-Z and Beyonce heading to Cuba, I was feeling pretty confident about my trendy choice to go that way. But then I bagged Cuba, and booked a flight to Vienna, Austria, home of the Lipizzaner stallions and Wienerschnitzel.
With Valentine's Day approaching, here's an interesting letter I got recently, applying to both men and women.
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