Desi Lydic

"The Daily Show" correspondent, who hosted this week, said she knew after the incident that political tensions had reached a "whole other world."
The former Fox News host emerged for the first time since losing his Fox News job with a strange new video message.
The guest host spots the "genius" method the network used to get evidence against Carlson.
The transportation secretary appeared not to see the humor in the "Daily Show" guest host's gags.
“Tucker’s allowed to say the C-word because he is one,” the comedian said of the ex-Fox News host.
"Tucker’s firing is going to leave a huge white power vacuum at Fox."
"The Daily Show" correspondent riffed on the "60 Minutes" interview with the far-right House member.
Sen. Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump Jr. and more Republicans are roasted in the "Daily Show" correspondent's spoof call for donations.
The former U.S. senator is joined by "Daily Show" correspondent Desi Lydic for a stunning reality check about the scope of one key issue.
The "Daily Show" correspondent pretended to have binge-watched the conservative network for hundreds of hours and, well, there were consequences.