despicable me

"Despicable Me" is an immediate hit on the service.
If the original Star Wars film had never happened, the entertainment industry would be in shambles, toys and games would be a minuscule industry, the publishing industry would in all likelihood be dead, many other industries from apparel to packaged goods would be struggling, and unemployment would be higher on a global scale. Here's why.
One devoted dad went to great lengths to ensure that his child had the best possible "Minions"moviegoing experience.  
-- Jeremy Grossman Read more at Van Winkle's We’d like to think it’s designed for kids, but there’s no shortage of infantilized
The creators of Minions obviously never heard either of two complementary expressions: "A little goes a long way" and "too much of a good thing."
"Once you start saying, 'Well, they do reproduce and it happens this way,' it obviously becomes awkward," Coffin said. And
Yes -- this video, which was uploaded to YouTube features two dachshunds sporting adorable costumes to look like minions
As the name suggests, the color was inspired by the bespectacled animated characters from Universal Pictures’ and Illumination
11. Your favorite holiday is: a. Christmas, because of all the love you feel flowing around you. b. Halloween, because you get to dress up. c. Labor Day, because you identify with the workers. (Wait, what?) d. Wassailia. Look it up, b*tches.