destiny's child reunion

The Stellar Awards ceremony will air April 5 on TV One. Watch Destiny's Child's full performance above. Destiny's Child said
“Most people don’t know that I still officially manage Destiny’s Child. And Destiny’s Child people sometimes use the word
Michelle Williams' new song is both a gospel track and a Destiny's Child reunion. Featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, "Say
Whether you had an unquenchable distaste for Anne Hathaway or an all-consuming love for "Breaking Bad," the year in popular
“It’s not a no,” she offered. Rowland also recently speculated on a potential reunion, reportedly telling the New York Daily
So here we are: April Fools' Day is upon us. The day where countless "funny" people pull your seat out from under you, tell
= 100 Greatest Singers of All Time 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Did he awkwardly punch you in the arm and run away? [Laughs
Posted Wednesday night, the photo features Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Beyonce returning to their "Bootylicious
This tweet: Her "sexy" face: Not sure who told her the runway was on the other side of the room: The biggest thing to come
When Destiny's Child reunited during the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday, one of the group's original members was watching
Destiny's Child's fierce halftime show was the talk of Sunday night's Super Bowl. But we have to admit, every time we hear
Naturally, if you spent any time on Twitter last night, you're well aware that it was inundated with reactions to what most
Destiny's Child released a new album, "Love Songs" on Jan. 29. As MTV notes, however, a statement on the website for "Fela
Speaking to WRUG radio, the singer said that nothing is confirmed. "It is rumored," she said. "I'm gonna be in the musical
Quite a bit of Destiny's Child news this week. First Beyonce announced that trio had reunited for a new song and compilation
Ever since Beyonce's announcement that Destiny's Child was reuniting to release its first album since 2004's "Destiny Fulfilled
If the rumors are true, Destiny's Child is going to have the reunion of the century. On Thursday, news was posted onto the