The suspect's father thought his son just wanted to cash a check.
Bankruptcy is not as bad as you think. Before you dismiss this seemingly novel idea, give Phill Mahony a chance to explain it to you.
Basing certain traits on an actual person, living or dead, is one thing but the question most authors of fiction get asked by readers is, "Is the main character in your stories anything at all like you?"
Basically, there are only so many tales of brave and adventurous white people that Hispanic kids can read. At some point, they disconnect.
I think this is the stroke of genius on P.D. James's part: creating a character from this cloth. Dalgliesh is the dream child of the frustrated novelist, for he can make striking observations and connections that a more down-to-earth gumshoe simply cannot make.
That's how Serial is supposed to get you: The feeling of true waiting -- something that is lost in our digital culture where all things are instantaneously present simultaneously -- is a novel sensation. Pardon the pun.
In honor of the Olsens' birthday, Rust Cohle stopped by to help the twins sing their show's theme song and find out: Wow
Nikki Reed has moved from "Twilight" to the Tribeca Film Festival where she stars alongside Fran Kranz in the new offbeat detective comedy "Murder of a Cat." The pair joins HuffPost Live to tell us more about the film and talk all things Hollywood.
No one says what happens if you do not succeed. My kind of game. No advertising has kept the game under the radar, but word
Since Jerry has a feminine side, he tried out to be a roller derby queen. He didn't make the team because that's the side
Perhaps I was destined to grow into an expert -- an expert of loss. Perhaps that is why I even managed to lose, at such a tender age, something that another human being found unforgettable, so much so, that she kept it to her breast.
At its core, The Closer has always been about the battle between idealism and pragmatism represented in our daily lives by the tug between career and family, between our expectations and our realities.
Here are the authors and their creations who, in my view, changed the detective game.
In LA, we think we know the sociology of the city so well that, through amateur detective work and blatant racial profiling, any mystery is solvable.
About a decade ago, I accidentally launched into a sub-hobby of genealogy - one I refer to as orphan heirloom rescues. The idea is to return items to descendants of their original owners.
A number of notable independent bookshops in New York are bucking the trend, providing a place to browse and find the unexpected tome or meet an author.
Legendary homicide detective Lou Smit, age 75, passed away last week in Colorado after a battle with cancer. One of Smit's most famous (and as-yet unsolved) investigations was the JonBenet Ramsey case.
A stolen letter written by 17th-century thinker Descartes and found in the United States was returned to France Tuesday, ending
Unfortunately, in my line of work, I deal with cases where the victim has not survived. Recently though, I had the rare opportunity to meet and speak with a victim who had survived rape.