Detective Joshua Jaynes has received a pretermination letter after an investigation found he had violated department procedures.
The suspect's father thought his son just wanted to cash a check.
Bankruptcy is not as bad as you think. Before you dismiss this seemingly novel idea, give Phill Mahony a chance to explain it to you.
Basing certain traits on an actual person, living or dead, is one thing but the question most authors of fiction get asked by readers is, "Is the main character in your stories anything at all like you?"
Basically, there are only so many tales of brave and adventurous white people that Hispanic kids can read. At some point, they disconnect.
En toda novela policial que se precie, siempre hay un detective que se hace cargo del caso y decide investigar hasta dar con el autor del crimen. Agatha Christie creó a uno de los más famosos: Hércules Poirot.
I think this is the stroke of genius on P.D. James's part: creating a character from this cloth. Dalgliesh is the dream child of the frustrated novelist, for he can make striking observations and connections that a more down-to-earth gumshoe simply cannot make.
That's how Serial is supposed to get you: The feeling of true waiting -- something that is lost in our digital culture where all things are instantaneously present simultaneously -- is a novel sensation. Pardon the pun.
Nikki Reed has moved from "Twilight" to the Tribeca Film Festival where she stars alongside Fran Kranz in the new offbeat detective comedy "Murder of a Cat." The pair joins HuffPost Live to tell us more about the film and talk all things Hollywood.