"We Have a Dream," by Mike Popso. Courtesy Inner State Gallery. "Jimmy and Jalen," by Tom Stoye. Courtesy Inner State Gallery
"It's part of an inclusive approach to building communication and community with our neighbors," she says. "You have to go
Detroit may continue to make headlines as the largest U.S. city to enter bankruptcy, but during our visit -- my first time ever in the Motor City, other than changing planes at the airport -- I found a lot more to catch my interest than economic woes.
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He traded wings and bullets flew but that can't make him a soldier. Teachers don't teach streets; high school standards never
"The DIA was started back when Detroit was flourishing in the '20s. The city had a lot of extra money, and so some of the
Meghan McEwen of Designtripper lives the dream in Detroit, where she runs the impossibly cool and special hotel Honor & Folly. She took us on a tour of her favorite hometown spots.
Recently, in a lightning decision reserved generally for Right-To-Work votes, the Michigan State Senate committee passed a bill that would protect the Detroit Institute of Arts fabulous collection from being sold to help pay the bills for the city's financial deficit.
Living in Detroit, man, it's an everyday struggle yo And I dont know if I can take it dawg Where am I gonna park my Audi
The new short documentary "A Girl's Guide to Detroit" profiles six youngish women who live in the city and seem to love it