In June of 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered a speech to a throng of 25,000 Detroiters. “I have a dream,” he told
Powering Up The Houses The Work Department, a small communication design and development studio in Hamtramck, is also contributing
Detroit may continue to make headlines as the largest U.S. city to enter bankruptcy, but during our visit -- my first time ever in the Motor City, other than changing planes at the airport -- I found a lot more to catch my interest than economic woes.
The project -- spearheaded by Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes -- will bring attention to some of the DIA's hidden treasures
Experts consulted by HuffPost say Detroit likely has legal standing to deaccession the museum, as the process is called, despite
Meghan McEwen of Designtripper lives the dream in Detroit, where she runs the impossibly cool and special hotel Honor & Folly. She took us on a tour of her favorite hometown spots.
Recently, in a lightning decision reserved generally for Right-To-Work votes, the Michigan State Senate committee passed a bill that would protect the Detroit Institute of Arts fabulous collection from being sold to help pay the bills for the city's financial deficit.
Okay, let's get the extended text of that one, from a Lonely Island-esque rap: "The EFM has said specifically we need to
What's it like for a woman living in Detroit? Not necessarily what you might think. Watch "A Girl's Guide to Detroit" above
Below, check out some of the inspiring projects that won the Miami Knight Arts Challenge. On Monday, the John S. and James
Adding on to the exhibit, the Michigan Modern website serves as a clearinghouse for information, listing buildings and architects
And of course, right as the rain, there was baseball, baseball and more baseball, complete with a bit of romance. And as
It was a week of waiting and wondering what comes next for Detroit. While Mayor Dave Bing revealed he wouldn't seek another
Matthew Olzmann is one of a handful of poets I know that can win over those who think they hate poetry. He wins over the haters because he is funny, but also because the poems have doors that open and invite you inside.
As for the "OJ" house, she's confident the artist will make the best of the situation. At times, some neighbors have complained
Just one block away on Trumbull stands an all too typical boarded up, burned out example of Detroit's abandonment and decay. But walk a few more steps and you'll find a building of the same vintage, transformed into a beautiful, living testimony to the arts.
"It changed really radically in just one year, from having white-painted walls, pretty much functional, to looking like an