Proposal E would establish minimum and maximum numbers of signatures needed to validate petitions when nominating candidates
The Detroit Free Press reports Bing, represented by attorneys from the private, city-contracted Miller Canfield firm, will
Council selected "Option 3," a map that draws the districts along somewhat diagonal lines. City Council members held five
City Council on Monday released four draft maps, put together with help from Data Driven Detroit. Compare the four versions
"Citizen District Councils are much broader," she explained. "They are two different creatures. There is no competition." Each
The charter calls for City Council members to be elected by districts, a rule residents approved in the 2009 vote that created
Many companies use factors like education, occupation, home ownership and credit score -- what Poe called "income proxies
Martinez told HuffPost the new council-by-district rules will likely keep Latino political power constrained to Southwest
These questions are taking on increased relevance under Detroit's current cloud of fiscal insolvency -- a predicted budget