It's time for another round of amazing photographs and videos we stumbled on this week in Detroit. We're finally starting
You will keep reading about the blight of the city, another corrupt politician, leadership changes and the like. But I am here to tell you that this is a thriving cultural metropolis. It is a testament to the resilience of Detroiters. It is why the city will overcome its many obstacles.
Tyree Guyton's urban interventions have opened up dialogue on many of the hard questions Detroit faces such as racism, segregation and poverty that have left deep wounds in the spirit of its people.
I want Detroit to be the magical place I believe it is for everyone. So I live here, I pay taxes here, I tell everyone it is a magical place.
Noel Night was originally created as a way to introduce people to everything that Detroit's cultural center has to offer. Fourty years have passed since then and Noel Night just seems to keep getting bigger and better.
All cities change, especially those dependent on specific industries that outlive their usefulness to society. Detroit is suffering and Delray can be considered an exaggerated microcosm of loss and abandonment.
What started as mild intrigue about Detroit years ago for Fenton High School teacher and J.V. basketball coach Nick Gregory has now resulted in documentary photography work, some of which will be on display in an exhibition entitled Split.
On August 7, voters in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties have the rare privilege of voting on the importance of preserving a cultural treasure -- the Detroit Institute of Arts. I will be voting yes and urge you to do the same.
Berry Gordy is looking for a star singer. And no, this isn't a flashback to the heyday of Motown Records.     The 81-year
Detroit has no venues like NYC's The Kitchen, and Performa never makes its way to Michigan. But perhaps the appearance of The Hinterlands at MOCAD marks an important milestone in our city's cultural offerings.