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DETROIT -- Voters today elected Detroit's first white mayor in 40 years to help lead the struggling city out of bankruptcy.
DETROIT -- Voters today elected Detroit's first white mayor in 40 years to help lead the struggling city out of bankruptcy
Neighborhood revitalization is the key to Detroit's transformation. Our city will never truly be transformed until we can affirm it as a safe city.
“This is no small margin of error. This is very troubling and I believe it is cause for Detroit’s General Election to be
There's a new candidate who has entered the race to be Detroit's next mayor as a write-in candidate. His name is Mike Dugeon
While the write-in campaign offers Duggan a path to victory, it won't be an easy one. He'll have to beat out the field of
"That's 13 months of residency," he said. "It's obvious from the charter and the commentary under the charter provision that
The Detroit Election Commission voted 2-1 against Barrow in May. At an emergency hearing on Tuesday, Judge Lita M. Popke
The Michigan Supreme Court acknowledged Friday morning that it had received a filing from Detroit mayoral candidate Tom Barrow
"Just to be clear, I was not one of the candidates who challenged Mr. Duggan's residency; however, I always believed that
We collected the best of the brouhaha, from ideas and insight to flat-out insults, in the slideshow below. Check out the
Detroit's election commission today voted 2-1 to keep Mike Duggan, one of the front-runners in the race to replace Dave Bing
CORRECTION: A previous version of this post misidentified the General Counsel at the Detroit NAACP. His name is Butch Hollowell
"Of course it is encouraging that the vast majority of Detroiters are responding to our effort to unite all sectors of the
Michigan pundits may be scrambling to name the state's possible picks for an emergency financial manager in Detroit, but
While full of possibility and enormous opportunity for growth and renewal, Detroit's future remains tenuous. Our civic leaders must urgently confront the deep historical challenges that are engulfing us today with three essential tasks.
While one recent poll suggested that the campaign for Detroit's mayor in 2014 is a two-man race, Lisa Howze would beg to
Before I sound preachy, allow me just to say this: your power is your ability to act. You can decide to engage, mobilize, and commit to making Detroit's public square more accountable. And, in 2013, Detroit needs your civic action more than ever.
The Democratic mayoral primary is scheduled for this August. “The ad will focus on a brighter future for Detroit and its
Napoleon, formerly the top cop of the Detroit Police Department and a frequent HuffPost blogger later backtracked his remarks