Crime has dropped steadily since Police Chief James Craig took over in the middle of 2013. At a press conference Tuesday
The report defines murder and non-negligent manslaughter as the "willful (non-negligent) killing of one human being by another
The FBI warns against using Uniform Crime Reporting statistics to make assumptions about locales or to rank law enforcement
Not so fast, says the Detroit Police Department, which recently compared data from the past 13 Januarys to see if the city's
Whether you see the bankruptcy filing as a positive or not, the real solution is people. Getting people to trust Detroit again, or maybe for the first time, has been hard for a long while and the latest chapter nine doesn't help, at least not in the short term.
UPDATE: Friday, March 8, 10:00 a.m. -- According to the Detroit Free Press, police arrested a suspect in connection with
Earlier this month, Mayor Dave Bing announced the reopening of thirteen mini stations in coming months to improve policing
354 homicides have taken place in Detroit this year as of Nov. 25, according the city's website. Budget issues have had a
For full results of the poll, see the Detroit News. At a public meeting in August, Godbee praised the department's efforts
"This is not just a law enforcement issue," Godbee said in Sunday's statement. "The increased prevalence of individuals choosing
At a time when economic revival is a top priority, an important hindrance is the increasing level of violence. There can be no incentive large enough for the American family or the entrepreneur, than the lure of a safe and productive community.
Fed up with Detroit's increasing homicide rate, a group of funeral home directors have organized a motorcade to protest senseless
Murders, on the other hand, were up 14.5 percent, with 173 homicides reported through the end of June. There were 151 muders
Detroit's about to go broke. Something drastic has to be done. But the answer isn't to slice more deeply into the city's workforce. Or to slash benefits. Or to sell off the street lights. The answer is something genuinely wider and deeper and bolder.
When the conditions of Detroit are discussed the voices of Detroit youth are hardly ever considered a part of the conversation.
I love Detroit, I hate Detroit. It continues to inspire me, yet also continues to bum me out. I feel one of the greatest issues facing this city is that the people who live here deny that there is any problem and that Detroit is on the rebound.