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The events directly leading up to the shooting are in dispute. Griem claims Quinn shot because Kellom came at him with a
Parents of Terrence Kellom, a Detroit man who was shot 10 times in front of his family, wait for answers and seek justice.
Amiracle's father is believed to have shot one of the victims, Craig said. "[The shooting was] a decision made by a coward
A Detroit news crew was shot at on Monday while attempting to interview an elderly victim of a recent break-in. (h/t: Poynter
"The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office conducted an extensive independent investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding
Josh takes a look at some of the top crime stories: Theodore Wafer has been charged for the shooting death of Renisha McBride, plus "Sin Demon" can't stop posting on his mug shot photo and gets arrested.
Shootings involving low-income people don't often become national media stories, says ThinkProgress: Gun crimes often occur
By day, the Renaissance Center is full of activity and life. General Motors, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Deloitte and the Consulate
Police are considering the three shootings separate incidents. There were no suspects as of Monday morning. Five individuals
DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Wayne County Prosecutor has charged a 21-year-old man in connection with last week's triple murder in