Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Our city is filled with world-class arts and culture.
That made Mozart the perfect composer to write a piece for clarinet, and Mr. Skiano was the perfect soloist to perform it
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra will perform The Music of David Bowie with guest conductor Brent Havens at Meadow Brook Amphitheatre
Marcus is on a lot of tracks on my last album Early Riser and we've been working together pretty closely on my new one, so
It seemed like even when Brahms wanted to give up on composing later on in his life, he couldn't. What do you think music
Usually, the first rehearsal for a new season is a straightforward affair. We make announcements, introduce new musicians and staff and get our collective chops together. Such was not the case in Detroit on a sunny Thursday morning.
If you really open yourself up to it, Mozart's music is anything but that. It's timeless, it's full of emotion, and it has everything to do with how we as humans feel, even today. In a world where most music burns heavy and burns out quickly, the flame of Mozart's music still burns as warmly as it did when he first wrote it.
In tackling the life and times of Tchaikovsky, the DSO is really trying to do more than just play his music, but really dig deep into what made this man tick and why his music continues to be so relevant even today.
During the summer months, music festivals abound all over the globe. Some are fully professional and others are distinguished by their educational activities.
Sam: "Stacy. My name is Sam Factotum, and I represent several artists who are interested in performing out of this world. I understand that there is fierce competition for who will be the first."