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On March 1, we launched the most robust assistant program in Michigan, the regional Water Residential Assistance Program
Something is rotten in the state of Michigan. One city neglected to inform its residents that its water supply was laced with cancerous chemicals. Another dissolved its public school district and replaced it with a charter school system, only to witness the for-profit management company it hired flee the scene.
In 2008, Prof. Yang returned to Jeju island, having left a rewarding life as a famed artist and film critic in the capital, Seoul, to join protests against construction of a planned naval base on the shores of Gangjeong, a village in Jeju Island.
Part of the reason reforms are necessary is that the department hadn’t looked critically at how it operates in a long time
In an interview with Williams, Detroit News editorial page editor Nolan Finley said people think they're entitled to free
"We were also distressed to learn from the low-income African American residents of the impossible choices they are being
And the water department doesn't have the resources to keep up. When scrappers scavenge copper from Detroit's abandoned homes
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, has reached out to aid needy Detroiters who had their water shut off
It launched the same day that throngs of union members, Detroit residents and activists, including actor Mark Ruffalo, hit
"It's in violation of international law," Roberts said. "And everybody who's got a little bit of sense knows that if they
Watch above to see Taylor continue to press Winchester during the MSNBC segment, which ended with her parting shot: "The
Last month, the City of Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department began to shut off water service for around 3,000 customers a week, people who have fallen behind on payments by more than $150 or 60 days.
Detroit's been shutting off water to customers who reportedly can't afford to pay their bills, and United Nations experts
The report links the water department's practices to the bankruptcy, calling it a "last-ditch attempt to make up lost revenues
Look for more content in Model D and Metromode. We will be examining how historic waterways fit into blue and green infrastructure