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Regional members included: Mary Blackmon, DWSD Board of Water Commissioner Julie Kavanagh, Macomb County Community Services
Something is rotten in the state of Michigan. One city neglected to inform its residents that its water supply was laced with cancerous chemicals. Another dissolved its public school district and replaced it with a charter school system, only to witness the for-profit management company it hired flee the scene.
In 2008, Prof. Yang returned to Jeju island, having left a rewarding life as a famed artist and film critic in the capital, Seoul, to join protests against construction of a planned naval base on the shores of Gangjeong, a village in Jeju Island.
Residential shutoffs will still occur once the assistance program review is completed, Nowling said. There is no set timeline
"Once again, poor people were just blaming the victim: innocent, 18-hole golf courses who desperately need their water for
"We were also distressed to learn from the low-income African American residents of the impossible choices they are being
Watch the Vice News report above. And the water department doesn't have the resources to keep up. When scrappers scavenge
One Twitter user said PETA's backwards way of helping only hurts the organization's mission: According to Think Progress
Water rates have climbed 119 percent in the past decade, and the city council recently approved another 8.7 percent increase
The rally enjoyed a bit of Hollywood star power thanks to Mark Ruffalo. The actor had appeared on stage at Netroots Nation