Deval Patrick

The former Massachusetts governor struggled to gain any traction in a crowded Democratic field.
A poor showing on Tuesday could force some candidates to rethink their campaigns.
HuffPost will be moderating a discussion with six of the Democratic candidates about campaign finance reform, voting rights and other issues.
The former Massachusetts governor’s private equity firm put thousands of retail workers out of work. And though Patrick was not involved in the Toys 'R' Us debacle, activists want to know his plans for reform.
The former Massachusetts governor said he’s “not crazy about super PAC money,” but thinks “we need to do some catch up."
Three years later, the man in question raped his own wife again and is now behind bars.
The former Massachusetts governor's announcement video suggests he was the first in his family to go to college, but his father apparently went before him.
The former Massachusetts governor joins the crowded field of Democrats seeking the 2020 presidential nomination.
“We have terrific candidates. Leave it at that,” Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said Tuesday.
The former Massachusetts governor had previously declared he wouldn't be running.
The former Massachusetts governor cited the “cruelty of our elections process.”
How the 2020 Democratic presidential contender helped a Republican billionaire rip off the middle class.
There's nothing in the Constitution that requires term-limits for the Vice President of the United States. With that in mind, why isn't Vice President Joe Biden part of the mix when it comes to those being contemplated as possible running mates for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?
When you press Democrats on their uninspiring deeds -- their lousy free trade deals, for example -- they reply that this is the best anyone could have done. But let's choose a locale where Democratic rule is virtually unopposed, a place where Republican obstruction and sabotage can't taint this experiment.
When former Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick stood before the Morehouse College Class of 2015 to deliver his commencement address, he joined a host of notable black men, who, in recent years have ascended to the heights of American public service and have too charged black men and boys to be exceptional.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is scheduled to attend a dinner at the White House tonight, a spokesperson confirmed to The
A few weeks ago, former Governor Deval Patrick took his ceremonial "lone walk" out of the Massachusetts State House to cap-off what had been a historic eight years as the first African American governor of a state that is roughly 83 percent white.
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) joined Boston Public Radio on Thursday morning for his final time in office, when he got a surprise caller.
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) joined Boston Public Radio on Thursday morning for his final time in office, when he
Supportive housing works. So much so that we have witnessed a nearly 50 percent decline in the number of chronically homeless individuals over the past decade as supportive housing has taken hold and proliferated.