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It is in no one's interest for the decline of the middle class, not the government, elites and the people themselves. Those
It is late 2016. All indicators point to a world economy that will remain weak next year and in the longer term, in advanced and developing countries alike. Governments are feeling the pressure from voters to deliver faster economic growth--and plenty of jobs.
And they’ll do it on a spacecraft called “Dream Chaser.”
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The most important word in "public policy" is "public" -- the people affected by the choices of policymakers. But who are these people? And what do they care most about?
The world's greatest risks can't be confined within borders. This is clearly the case with the ongoing refugee crisis, which is unprecedented in scale and affecting people and places far from the scene of civil war, fragility and conflict.
We have added so many qualifiers to growth. We aim for sustainable, well-distributed, inclusive growth. Do you think economists
According to the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs, travel warnings are issued when Americans should strongly
By Alix Farr, Editor Did you buy an out-of-town bus ticket for 4:30pm? Is it 4:45pm and everyone is standing around casually
We are very encouraged by this trend, but cognizant of how much remains to be done. Key technology, such as battery storage
In the era of man-made risk, in which risks of our own making are having such significant negative impacts on the world, decision makers' at all organizational levels must become risk managers.
When the rains came to Senegal's capital and largest city, Dakar, in 2009, the people in Cite de Soleil were up to their chests in water. Looking forward, the climate models suggest that this will only get worse.
That doesn't mean unchecked capitalism is free of problems, like the highly unequal distribution of wealth or the damage
For decades, the developing world's best and brightest have set off to seek their fortunes on foreign shores. But in recent years, the tide of brain drain has been turning, with some of these so-called "sea turtles" making the voyage home.
There is a lot of value in transforming an idea into a viable business, and there is a lot of importance in creating social
And let's do remember that that same power of relationship influences the quality of our everyday visits with our health professionals. And, what someone with a chronic illness decides to do, and not do, when they leave their doctor's office.
Financial services are central to people's lives. They are needed to better manage day-to-day affairs, and they are crucial to protect from downside risks and to capture long-term opportunities. Traditional financial services have left too many working families behind.