developing countries

The U.S. will share millions of COVID-19 vaccines to lower-income countries struggling with a shortage of shots.
Politicians are capitalizing on the middle class with rhetoric that appeals to them, or urging the poor to vote for them
It is late 2016. All indicators point to a world economy that will remain weak next year and in the longer term, in advanced and developing countries alike. Governments are feeling the pressure from voters to deliver faster economic growth--and plenty of jobs.
And they’ll do it on a spacecraft called “Dream Chaser.”
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The most important word in "public policy" is "public" -- the people affected by the choices of policymakers. But who are these people? And what do they care most about?
The world's greatest risks can't be confined within borders. This is clearly the case with the ongoing refugee crisis, which is unprecedented in scale and affecting people and places far from the scene of civil war, fragility and conflict.