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Almost 70 percent of all breast cancer deaths now occur in low-income countries. In the first part of our series “The Shifting
In the United States, cellphones die all the time, but our abundance of power ensures resurrection on demand. That's not how it works in other parts of the world.
Analysis from a similarly structured study by Harvard's Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation found that the
By Alix Farr, Editor Did you buy an out-of-town bus ticket for 4:30pm? Is it 4:45pm and everyone is standing around casually
We now have evidence that text messages improve civic engagement in emerging countries by encouraging people to vote.
For decades, the developing world's best and brightest have set off to seek their fortunes on foreign shores. But in recent years, the tide of brain drain has been turning, with some of these so-called "sea turtles" making the voyage home.
On March 12, 2016, just a few days after International Women's Day, more than 700 Lions, Leos, ambassadors and guests gathered at the U.N. for the 38th Annual Lions Day with the United Nations to discuss peace and gender equality.
Children's reading in India is in desperate need of innovative, complementary, and scalable models for the highly diverse
For years my wife and I have been getting phone calls about going solar, and for years we've ignored them because it was just too expensive. But today 26 solar panels are mounted on the south side of our roof.
Developing countries and emerging market economies have benefited from opportunities to transfer technology from abroad and to undergo domestic structural transformation via trade integration.
Having an emissions reduction agreement on paper is only the first step; policymakers and leaders must now move decisively to protect the advances in human development and poverty reduction already threatened by environmental degradation and climate change.
The Paris climate change conference was a great success for the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in many ways, bringing
As we celebrate Human Rights Day, the anniversary of the signing of the declaration, we face the hard truth that we are falling far short of protecting human rights around the world. In no area is this clearer than the failure to protect far too many young girls.
There are already 2 billion people in rural areas in low and middle income countries lacking access to essential medicines
India and Africa must find a viable path to prosperity without passing through an industrialization phase. This is not likely to happen. It is by no means clear that it is even possible.
From desertification to eroding shores, climate change has intensified resource scarcity, poverty and hunger. Vast new waves of migration may have a political ignition, but the fuel is climate change, from Africa to Asia. Somehow, even Syria's conflict can be attributed to the spark of longer-term drought.
This July, President Barack Obama visited Ethiopia and addressed the African Union (AU). In doing so, he became not only the first U.S. president to address the AU in its 52-year history, but the first sitting U.S. president to ever visit the country of Ethiopia.
Investment in infrastructure projects are more than just a bright spot for the global south. It may actually encourage investment in real assets that would boost output back in the old "rich" countries -- a welcome monsoon rain amidst a sea of paper.