developing world

In the United States, cellphones die all the time, but our abundance of power ensures resurrection on demand. That's not how it works in other parts of the world.
We now have evidence that text messages improve civic engagement in emerging countries by encouraging people to vote.
For decades, the developing world's best and brightest have set off to seek theirfortunes on foreign shores. But in recent years, the tide of brain drain has beenturning, with some of these so-called "sea turtles" making the voyage home.
On March 12, 2016, just a few days after International Women's Day, more than 700 Lions, Leos, ambassadors and guests gathered at the U.N. for the 38th Annual Lions Day with the United Nations to discuss peace and gender equality.
For years my wife and I have been getting phone calls about going solar, and for years we've ignored them because it was just too expensive. But today 26 solar panels are mounted on the south side of our roof.