Development aid

Angelina Jolie writes about the devastation she witnessed in the war-torn Iraqi city.
South Asia has the potential for rapid growth and for deploying incomes towards health, education, infrastructure, and job
Change is hard for many people - and organizations - to accept. This is particularly true when the waters are muddied by misunderstandings, even among well-meaning people, and when the stakes are so high.
I am creating CAFÉ FOR CHANGE, CHAI FOR CHANGE and 10CentsPerCup, a REAL Shared Value system based on a transparent compensation
DAC's new data highlights an increase in development aid throughout the past 15 years, as official development assistance
The freedom to maintain or adopt a religion is a fundamental human right. However, this freedom cannot be realized in the absence of other fundamental freedoms, such as the right to food, shelter, healthcare, education and a decent livelihood.
The debate on Sustainable Development Goals, which are to replace the Millennium Development Goals in 2015, is reminiscent of a Winnie-the-Pooh-approach to measuring development. Do you want your poverty measure disaggregated by region or by gender? Both, and don't bother worrying about the measurement please.
"If you tell people that the problem of poverty only requires more money, then it means we can't talk about corruption and
In May 2009, a small experiment involving 13 homeless men took off in London. Some of them had slept in the cold for more
If we're going to be successful in solving huge and challenging global problems, then informing, engaging and inspiring people on the issues is going to be absolutely essential. In Germany, I hope this is just the beginning of growing the conversation.