developmental disabilities

The mother claims that the suspect, reportedly a school employee, was allowed to continue working for several days after the incident.
More than 2,000 babies in Brazil have birth defects associated with Zika.
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No one can escape the dangers.
The law says these students deserve to learn. In some districts, parents say that's not happening.
Across the country, black and Latino children with special needs are far less likely to graduate than their white peers.
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Americans who live through mass shootings often need extensive mental health treatment. Charity can't pay for it all.
How better soft skills might boost low college persistence and employment rates.
Far From The Tree A documentary film by Rachel Dretzin, from the book by Andrew Solomon Review by Lloyd I. Sederer, MD But
Our education system is failing students with special needs.
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Bisexual people are statistically lower income and more likely to have a disability.
The benefits of medicinal cannabis are clear and the federal government shouldn't interfere with Americans receiving vital treatment for chronic illness.
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It's clear something has to change. But what?
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There are steps we can take to curb doctors' high suicide rates.