devin nunes

The Republican lawmaker accused the group, which includes a retired fruit tree farmer, of conspiring with "dark money" organizations to hurt his campaign.
Nunes' parents' farm is thousands of miles from the congressman's California home, Esquire reported last year.
The special counsel's report says Sen. Richard Burr, who heads the ongoing Senate inquiry, shared the names of people being investigated by the FBI.
The California Republican's complaint targets The McClatchy Co. and a GOP strategist over news articles, including one about a winery's raunchy yacht party.
"Cow-ards," snort Twitter wits after the GOP cancellation announcement.
People are tweeting about crashing a GOP fundraiser featuring the California congressman, who is suing Twitter and the @DevinCow account.
A parody Twitter account that makes fun of Rep. Devin Nunes now has more followers than the congressman.
This is what happens when a Republican congressman files a lawsuit over parody accounts including @DevinCow.
The satirical @DevinCow account only had a handful of followers before the GOP congressman mentioned it in his lawsuit against Twitter. Not anymore.
Parody accounts rise up to mock the Republican's gripe -- about parody accounts mocking him.
The California Republican's legal team alleged Twitter “shadow-banned” Nunes in 2018 “in order to restrict his free speech” and sway the midterm elections.
Twitter users wonder why Nunes doesn't consider government subsidies to his family farm socialism.
President Donald hurled scathing insults at former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, but ignored reports that McCabe briefed top Republican lawmakers on the investigation into him.
Democrats achieved their main goal -- taking the House -- but some of the Republicans they most wanted to beat survived.
The race against Democrat Andrew Janz, a local prosecutor, marked Nunes' first competitive congressional race.
Nunes has been at odds with his hometown paper, which his campaign called “a textbook example of fake news."
The attorney is trying to convince voters that their congressman is too busy protecting the president to focus on fixing central California's water crisis.
The California Republican told donors, at a private event, the GOP must win the midterms at all costs to protect Trump.
“It’s not a matter that any of us like Rosenstein ... it’s a matter of timing," the lawmaker said at a fundraising event.