devin nunes

Josh Meyers also ripped GOP Rep. Devin Nunes with his impersonation of the California governor.
Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) described the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on California’s homeless population by comparing it to a “zombie apocalypse.”
The California Republican also said homeless people might have protection because "if you’re outside in the outdoors, you’re social distancing."
Donald Trump takes center stage in "The Daily Show" montage of conservatives who for weeks dismissed the threat of the coronavirus.
His irresponsible suggestion followed NIAID Director Anthony Fauci's plea to Americans to reduce social interactions during the coronavirus outbreak.
The California Republican just keeps bringing it up. Why?
Rep. Devin Nunes’ hometown paper scorched his “obsession” with Donald Trump and endorsed his Democratic challenger in the 2020 elections.
The Fresno Bee editorial board said Nunes “has proven time and again that supporting the president is his priority."
Social media company claims "broad immunity" in its latest effort to dismiss a lawsuit by the lawmaker over the mocking "Devin Nunes' Cow" account.
The newspaper's editorial board said Nunes has “betrayed the truth, betrayed the trust of voters and, quite possibly, betrayed our country."