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Tricia has also appeared on Frasier, Suddenly Susan, Everybody Loves Raymond, Two and a Half Men, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Knowing Wisocky, she can sure be counted on for always nabbing impressive roles as whatever she seems to go near turns to
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sol was raised in a tight knit family. Her father was a musician and from an early age she
When All My Children came to an end in 2011, it seemed Susan Lucci took a page from Erica Kane's handbook. The reinvention began. Some critics charged that Lucci's career was over. Those who underestimated her made a big mistake.
On Sunday, Longoria spoke about how she personally relates to her character during the seventh annual Produced By conference
Dania Ramirez easily recalls her humble beginnings in the Dominican Republic. Her parents came to the United States when she was six-months-old and left Ramirez in the care of her grandmother. Now Ramirez, who stars in Lifetime's Devious Maids, is the mother of seven-month-old twins.
Other events this season for the maids occur when Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) embarks on a new endeavor as well, having to find
The truth that goes along with lifting the veil off of secrecy can sometimes be difficult to handle, and that's exactly where several characters on the last episode of Devious Maids found themselves.
The show, now in its second season, is delivering some interesting plot twists for several of its characters, and Evelyn is no exception.
This week's episode of Devious Maids was all about alliances and liaisons, and as we saw throughout the show, aligning yourself with the right people can be a tricky, yet extremely beneficial necessity.
Devious Maids continued to deliver more secrets this past Sunday as it introduced a new family and served up a couple of shocking plot twists.
The stage has been set for the season two drama. An ideal husband is tough to find, and the maids aren't the only ones who will be getting devious this season!
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Check out the “Devious Maids” cast on Latina’s May 2014 cover below. The issue hits newsstands on April 8. “I didn’t regret
What do Devious Maids and Family Guy have in common? Beyond the obvious hitmaking gene, the people behind these beloved brands just threw two of the most inspiring parties of the year.
Skye is now in college and Gárces has been with her husband, Tony Hernandez, for over 10 years. Those factors, along with
“It’s going to get cra-zy,” Ortiz said. However, most critics’ negative reactions to the show were based off of a seductive
It wasn't a clean kill, and so the police were left with some lingering questions. But even that wasn't the biggest problem