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Since his hit Showtime series ended, Hall has stayed busy working in movies and Broadway, and, you know, chopping down trees
In the series finale, however, things turned seemingly too dark for the show to handle as they rather offensively mocked
Lately, networks have been scrambling to defend the storylines of their most popular shows, first with "Downton Abbey," and
'Dexter' Season 4 Finale
That same faulty Showtime strategy seems to be rearing its head again on the network's other tentpole drama, "Homeland." Nicholas
Dexter deserved better. So did "Dexter" fans, who, witnessing this Showtime drama end in a heap, were subjected to the lamest series finale since "Seinfeld."
In the end, the battle of the cable antiheroes wasn't even close, and "Breaking Bad" still has one more episode to add insult
Fans of Showtime's serial killer thriller are scratching their heads about the show's final scene, which flashed-forward
"Dexter" is coming to an end and leaving behind 96 episodes of bloody goodness. Before the big Sunday, Sept. 22 finale, you
There was more reflection than scoop during "Dexter's" farewell panel Thursday night at PaleyFest. But with two episodes