Having to go to work -- raise a family -- go to school -- the list goes on We don't get a paycheck. For our health -- For
With both diets, people reported fewer depressive symptoms and better quality of life compared to how they felt at the beginning
In the American food jungle, nothing is as it appears. When I researched my book Eat It to Beat It!, I found sugar in thousands of places where it doesn't belong, from bread to salad dressing, dressed up in disguises like corn syrup, maltodextrin and sucrose. Here are five of the most shocking hidden sources of sugar in otherwise "healthy" meals.
For people living with diabetes, managing carbohydrates plays a crucial role in keeping blood glucose under control. When
What will readers be most surprised to learn from your book? They will be most surprised to learn that not just type 2 diabetes
Small, reasonable changes can add up to a lot of benefits in your future. Incremental adjustments can ensure the earthquake of a diabetes diagnosis never happens to you.
Having a diagnosis of diabetes does not mean your life is now about eating only lettuce. It means you need to be cognitive of what is happening in your body and know how to make modifications to avoid diabetes complications.
The response to Paula Deen's revelation that she has Type 2 diabetes highlights the false "either-or" dilemma that plagues our culture's approach to eating (and most other things): good or bad, right or wrong, all or nothing.
The blogosphere was thrumming about whether the Food Network's down-home Southern queen, Paula Deen, has Type 2 diabetes. Yes, by now you know she does.
Think Less About Food, More About Exercise Exercise helps you burn glucose, not just during a workout, but for up to 24 hours