Below are some practical tips to eat more mindfully and avoid temptations to overeat this holiday season:
Let's be real here. Soda isn't harmless. It's liquid sugar that too often is consumed by kids like water. And now I want to say loud and clear: this mamá supports California's proposed soda tax.
The conundrum faced by NIDDK and the DPP investigators following the demonstration of the powerful diabetes prevention effect of the intensive lifestyle intervention was how to translate this finding cost-effectively in a "real world' setting.
Poverty, mental illness and poor physical health weave a lethal web that can ensnare an individual and prompt premature death (not to mention exorbitant medical spending).
Recently a team of American and Japanese researchers found that a plant-based diet is more powerful than pharmacological treatment at reversing diabetes than previously thought.
In the end, shedding a few pounds may not make you look or feel like a runway model. But it will help you live a longer and healthier life. That's some serious validation. Maybe we can even work to make it the new skinny.
Think about that next time you're out in public. Chances are that more than a third of every one you run into either has, or is at risk of getting, this disease. And you may be too.
It seems that we adult Type 1s who have officially aged out of the juvenile stage and who aren't sick are now going around confusing everybody. Sorry. I lived.